Why a Condom Does a Better Job Than a Ford

(Photo: Toronto Star; Andrew Francis Wallace)

In this post, we focus on the ability of a random mayoral candidate to recount some of the most basic pieces of information during this radio interview with 98.7FM. Ultimately, this is the kind of thing that compels me to squeeze the temples of my forehead between my middle finger and thumb, wincing at the sight before me. It’s painful to watch and think that THIS is one of the best options we have for mayor of Toronto.

Let’s have a brief look at some of the topics covered:

The TTC versus transit around the world? Wrong.

Mayoral administration creating jobs? Oh, man – facepalm.

Tourism? Not important enough to be truthful about.

Those are some pretty basic things to get wrong, and we haven’t even begun to address larger issues like poverty, crime, or education.

Luckily, I’m not the only one feeling this. This Toronto Star article counted 21 inaccuracies in the interview. Look, we can all appreciate that full honesty shouldn’t be expected in a political campaign; to do so would be naive. It’s no surprise that part of the job description of being in politics requires – let’s just say – the ability to be quick on the toes, and sharp with the spin. (It’s not how I wish it to be, but such is the world in which we live, at least until proportional representation becomes the norm at the ballot stations.)

Doug Ford is certainly no exception to these characteristics of the political life, and while it’s easy to pick on him for his bullish personality, his ‘holier than thou’ attendance record as Councillor, or his ignorant bravado, it’s the fact that he is an “outright lies” kind of liar that irks me.

I would think this of any politician, no matter which side of the spectrum their politics came from.

I can understand 2 or 3 mistruths out of, say 20 – that’s about equivalent to the average failure rate of a condom. But, when basic journalism can detect 21 (!) in one conversation, we need to ask ourselves why Doug Ford is sleeping with anyone in the first place. Clearly, it’s not just an oversight – it’s systemic. It’s an indication of how one operates on a daily basis and this interview was just a simple pit stop on the campaign trail – not even the big race. Basic extrapolation would suggest many more mistruths in larger, and more important settings.

In striving for the highest level of public service in the city – an honour in fact – #DOFO shows a complete lack of respect for the position, the process, and the citizens (not just taxpayers) of this great city. Kudos to the Toronto Star for showcasing the systematic deception spewing from the Ford camp, and for reminding us that there are still citizens in this city that want a condom to do its job.


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