pro·gres·sive / adjective / happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.


The Progressive Man (TPM) is an ongoing conversation about what it means to be a man in the modern era. It’s definitely an exciting time to be alive! No matter how taboo, I aim to touch on many of the topics that will bubble up, as this can often be the first step towards true understanding – whatever you take that to mean for you personally.

It’s about the exploration of the substance of what makes us who we are as humans, as men, as fathers, and as leaders. It’s about how we connect with the people in our lives: our partners, our communities, and our selves.

It’s about working within various value sets, working outside of value sets, and the freedom to explore the spaces and questions in between.

It’s about making the world a better place, in some way. Whether by providing positive examples for what some would argue is a lost generation, or by simply making the lives of those around you better.

Some men have had good fathers, some not so good, some none at all. Others have found role models in the most unlikely of people.

I invite you to be part of this conversation and to share your thoughts. This is not just a discussion for one gender or the other. Everything from politics to music to relationships to your daily thoughts, the conversation is open.

Find me on twitter @tpm416, subscribe via email, or fill out the comment box below to get in touch!



    1. Jim, I still remember your statement about these generations being the ‘lost’ ones, and the relevance of the conversations here. Thanks for the encouragement, and you are welcome to add your take anytime!


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