Progressive of the Month

Every month, TPM features a Progressive of the Month. Got a suggestion? let us know in the comments box below!

October 2014Phil Jackson: Coach, Mentor, Teacher, ‘Zen Master’

November 2014Joss Whedon: Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Male Feminist, Ally

December 2014Terry Crews: Cracking the Egg of Male Stereotypes



  1. Here’s likely a controversial comment, perhaps worthy of blog, expanding on your theme of the worst things a boy can be told. Recently my four year-old son was “suspended,” i.e. sent to the principal’s office and subsequently home for being unruly, unsafe in the classroom…five days in a row!! A 4 year-old, no less!!! Of course, I’m sharing this story with moms including my sister who has three sons and my experience isn’t unfamiliar territory for her. Her response, “schools aren’t designed for boys anymore.” Although I don’t agree, I can write pages on it, it is an interesting comment. Children, sometimes boys, more often than girls, need space to play, run and be kids and when school curriculums don’t account for those needs, kids/boys may naturally act out…


    1. Lil, I’m not sure school was designed for me either! This is also reflected more broadly in the learning styles that are used in most educational systems. Alternative schooling can get a bad rep, but sometimes there is a need for structured flexibility so kids can simply explore, play, bump their heads, and ultimately, to learn. Thanks for the comment – definitely food for thought!


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